Another Louisville Rear-End Collision

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Louisville Rear-End Collision Hessig and Pohl Earlier this week, local news reported on another rear-end collision in Louisville. This accident on I-265 (Gene Snyder Freeway), caused one of the vehicles to actually burst into flames.  The driver of the one of the cars sustained second- and third-degree burns.  Unfortunately, the burns are reportedly life-threatening.

According to the most recent reports we’ve seen, Kentucky traffic fatalities spiked in 2015 (761) after having two, back to back years of the lowest fatality rates in a decade.  In fact, total reported collisions in Kentucky rose almost 7% from 2014 to 2015.

A rear-end collision can cause significant injuries to people in both cars.  In 2015, this particular type of automobile wreck made up 39% of all two-vehicle collisions in Kentucky.  One of the most important things you can do as a driver is to make sure you and your passengers are wearing seat belts.

The forces impacting the human body in a rear-end accident are severe. We normally see instances of soft-tissue injuries (such as whiplash).  Unfortunately, some rear-end collisions can result in more serious injuries including broken or crushed bones and ejection from the vehicle.  Luckily, safety equipment such as seat belts and airbags can help to protect people.

The attorneys at Hessig and Pohl, work for people who have been injured in auto accidents.  We’ve seen lives changed because of the negligence of another driver.  It’s not uncommon for a rear-end collision to be a result of a distracted driver – usually someone texting while driving.  In other situations, the car may have been following too closely.

5 Recommendations to Avoid a Rear-End Collision

Automobile accidents can’t be completely eliminated, but we hope you’ll take our safety advice to help reduce the potential injuries:

  • Remember to wear your seat belt any time you get into a car.
  • Never text while you’re driving!
  • Give the driver in front of you some extra room in case traffic stops.
  • Remember to increase the distance between cars if it’s raining or snowing.
  • Always use your turn signal so the other drivers will have time to slow down and avoid crashing into you.

We know the media is going to continue to report on Louisville traffic accidents.  In fact, we hope you’ll never need to hire Hessig and Pohl.  Yes, this is how we make our living.  But we also understand from hundreds of cases that automobile accidents are serious.  We know how to effectively handle them.  We would rather you, your children and your family are able to avoid being in a rear-end collision, in the first place.

by Martin Pohl | Apr 11, 2017 | 



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