Arm Amputated due to Car Wreck

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A 24-year old Kentucky woman had to have her arm amputated after a car wreck.  A drunk driver crashed into a tour van she in which she was riding.  The young woman and her fiancé were in Las Vegas to get married.  On 3/12/16, she and several others chartered the van to take them on a sight-seeing tour.

A drunk driver’s car collided with the shuttle van, causing it to roll onto it’s side and strike several posts.  The victim was ejected from the bus and became trapped beneath it.  When the toppled van came to a halt, her father and fiancé checked to see if the bride-to-be was okay.  That’s when they saw the extent of her injuries.  She was rushed to the hospital for a series of emergency surgeries.  When she awoke, her father broke the news that she’d had her arm amputated.

In Louisville, we have plenty to see and do.  From various bourbon tours, to a carriage ride down Market Street, to a boat ride on the river, Louisville has a lot to offer.  The majority of these tours are full of fun memories.  However, injuries can occur quickly and the results can be life-altering.  While this particular accident happened in Las Vegas, it could have just as easily happened in our community.  When it does, time is critical.

Attorneys will work quickly to reconstruct the accident and collect evidence.  It’s important to contact an experienced accident attorney because eye-witnesses need to be interviewed.  Stories can change and details easily forgotten.  All of these elements are very important to the outcome of your accident claim.  If the victim has an leg or arm amputated, suffers paralysis, or dies in the collision, the evidence will become even more important.

In this case, it’s likely that the injury lawyers will look for any and all available sources of insurance to cover the victim’s expenses.  This may include the at-fault driver’s auto insurance, any coverage provided by the tour company and or its operator, and even underinsured or uninsured coverages included in the victim’s policy (UM/UIM coverage).

In Kentucky, victims of car accidents are usually, automatically entitled to $10,000 in coverage, known as                                personal injury protection (“PIP”).

This unfortunate, young woman was ready to begin a new life with her fiancé and child.  The impact of this wreck and her long road to recovery might delay that beginning.  Hopefully, she has an experienced law firm on her side so she can focus on her progress.

Motor vehicle accidents, including tour vans and shuttles, are serious.  If you’ve been involved in wreck, seek medical treatment and contact an experienced, Kentucky law firm to represent you.  We hope your case won’t be this tragic, but it’ll still need to be handled carefully.

Here’s a video of the news report:

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