Man Ejected in Warren County Car Wreck

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Earlier this month, a Warren County man was ejected from his car after a head-on collision in Bowling Green.  Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead once officials arrived at the car wreck.  It was later determined that he was not wearing his seat belt.

Traffic fatalities on Kentucky state roads and interstates are not uncommon.  In fact, according to published reports by the state police, Warren County has seen the following traffic accident deaths over the past few years:

2014 – 15 fatalities
2013 – 14 fatalities
2012 – 12 fatalities
2011 – 17 fatalities
2010 – 10 fatalities

This means there’s just over 1 fatality per month, based on the average of the above crash figures.  Some of these catastrophic injuries involved tractor trailers, passenger cars and/or motorcycles.  Unfortunately for some of the surviving families, a number of these deaths may have been avoided had the driver and passengers worn their seat belts.

Hessig and Pohl is an injury law firm.  We know the tragic consequences.  We’ve worked with accident reconstructionist to recreate how many interstate crashes occurred.

Because of our years of experience, we know that no amount of money can replace a loved one who was the victim of a fatal car wreck.

Warren County is the home of Western Kentucky University.  Each semester, thousands of students drive the interstates and roadways to visit their families, enjoy a well-deserved Spring Break or just to get away from campus for the weekend.  We encourage everyone, including the students at WKU to buckle up before they hit the roads.

A car wreck is an extremely violent combination of forces.  Research proves that seat belts give the accident victims a much better chance of surviving a vehicle crash.  If someone is ejected from the car, they risk being crushed by the vehicle.  They risk sustaining critical head trauma due to impact with the ground or other obstruction.  You have a better chance of surviving if you wear your seat belt.

Our Kentucky interstates are build to be safe, as long as everyone is following the traffic rules.  Tractor trailers and other drivers place people in harms way when they fail to obey the laws.  As car accident lawyers, we’ve seen how just a few seconds of inattention can have tragic consequences.

Don’t put yourself, or your passengers, at risk by deciding not to wear your seat belt.

Yes, we handle Kentucky injury cases, but there’s no jury verdict that can make up for the loss of a loved one.  We encourage everyone to drive safely.  When you take off for that next road trip, please take a minute to ensure that you and all of your passengers are safely buckled in.  We want you to make it home, so you can tell everyone about your latest adventure.


by Martin Pohl | Apr 4, 2016 | 



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