Pedestrian Killed While Crossing Dixie Highway

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Pedestrian Killed While Crossing Dixie Highway

Another tragic story just hit the news.  This one focuses on a pedestrian killed while crossing Dixie Highway.  The Shively Police Department is currently investigating the scene.  There is always a degree of danger when you try to cross the street in traffic.

In 2016, there were 1,098 reported collisions involving pedestrians in the State of Kentucky.  As a result, 86 pedestrians died and 926 were injured.  Those collisions made up almost 11% of the total Kentucky traffic fatalities.

The two leading factors in Kentucky 2016 pedestrian fatalities were walking in the roadway and dark clothing/not visible.  Unfortunately for this young man who was killed this morning, reportedly, he was attempting to cross 6 lanes of traffic and wearing dark clothing.

We’ve successfully handled cases involving pedestrian accidents.  We investigate what happened, in order to determine if the situation could have been avoided.  In cases like this, there are obvious challenges to proving it is a potential wrongful death case.

The family of this young man is going through one of the worst experiences imaginable, today.  Our hearts and prayers go out to them.  Also, the driver of the SUV involved in the pedestrian fatality is also suffering from the tragic experience.

If you have to cross a busy roadway, such as Dixie Highway, we’d strongly urge you to consider:

  • Cross only at designated crosswalks
  • Carry a small flashlight to help drivers see you
  • If possible, wear a lighter colored piece of clothing

We all make decisions each day.  Some of those decisions can result in horrible consequences.  We’ve read to many stories about a pedestrian killed while crossing Dixie Highway.  Please take a few minutes to discuss this story and the above recommendations with your children and other family members.

When a pedestrian is struck by a moving vehicle, the injuries can be severe.  In situations like this, they can even prove fatal.  The attorneys at Hessig and Pohl hope this brief article will prevent another tragic accident from occurring in Louisville.  Let’s be safe out there.


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