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According to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, there are over 3.5 million registered highway vehicles in Kentucky. The vast majority — over 95 percent — of these registered vehicles are passenger cars and trucks. Because roads are shared by so many vehicles, drivers and passengers face risks. Every year, there are over 150,000 traffic accidents in Kentucky. Of these, 25,000 involved injuries and 724 involved fatalities.

Nationwide, there are approximately 1,200 injuries per 100,000 licensed drivers, resulting in over 2.7 million people being injured in car accidents every year. The most common type of collision in Kentucky is an accident that involves two or more moving vehicles. These types of accidents account for over 67 percent of all crashes and 40 percent of all traffic fatalities. The second most common type of accident is a collision with a fixed object, which make up approximately 20 percent of all accidents and 32 percent of all fatal accidents.

Traffic Fatalities in Kentucky by Year and by Category

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Highway Safety Goals

Every year, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety sets safety goals in an effort to decrease the number of car accidents and car accident related injuries in Kentucky. The safety plan tries to accomplish its goals through a public outreach campaign aimed at changing driver behavior, and through infrastructure improvements, suck as fixing roads and bridges.

The plan also contains an enforcement element. Strategies include decreasing the number of alcohol related accidents by implementing strict DUI enforcement and increasing DUI arrests. Similarly, the plan aims to increase the use of seat belts by increasing ticketing for non-use, and addressing speeding by increasing speeding citations.

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67% of car accidents between two vehicles
Kentucky motorcycle accidents

Car Accident Statistics


Sixteen percent of all Kentucky accidents happen on 1-265 and 1-264


Most fatal accidents — 79 percent — happen on dry roads


Night time accidents account for 23 percent of all crashes


In 33 percent of fatal crashes, only two vehicles are involved


Accidents are twice as likely to happen on Friday than on Sunday


Approximately 59 percent of all registered vehicles in Kentucky are passenger cars

Can I Recover Damages from a Louisville Car Accident?

Car accident injuries may result in settlements or jury awards. Several factors influence compensation, including the extent of economic damages, property damage to the vehicle, intangible damages suffered by the victim, and the degree and nature of the negligence involved in the accident.

Where do car accidents happen in Kentucky?

Accidents in Kentucky are evenly split between Interstates and US routes and State Numbered roads, with 35 percent of crashes occurring on federal routes and highways and 34 percent taking place on state routes. Car accidents that happen on highways and interstates are more likely to result in fatalities. Although 22 percent of accidents happen on city streets, these accidents account for only six percent of fatal car crashes.

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35% of car wrecks on federal roads

Protect Yourself From Car Accidents

While driving or riding in a car carries with it inherent risk, there are steps you can take to decrease your risk of being injured in a car accident. These include:

Avoid distraction: Distracted driving is the number on cause of car accidents in Kentucky

Follow the speed limit: Speeding is particularly dangerous on interstates, where it is easy to drive too fast and too aggressively.

Use your seat belt: Wearing a seat belt reduces your risk of serious injury or death in a car accident by half

Do not drive impaired: Any amount of drugs or alcohol can affect your judgement when driving and put you and others on the roads at risk.

Give yourself space: Rear-end accidents are some of the most common types of collisions in Kentucky. Allowing room between yourself and other vehicles can reduce this risk.

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Practice Safe Driving Habits

Adopting safe driving behaviors will reduce your risk of being in a car accident. The more you can practice safe driving, the more likely it is to become a habit. These actions should become second nature to you as you drive in Kentucky — and anywhere.

  • Do not use technology in your vehicle
  • Slow down in work zones and school zones
  • Respect pedestrians and cyclists, and give them plenty of room
  • Respect the space semi-truck drivers need to stop and make turns
  • Give vehicles that are pulled over room
  • Be calm — take a breath and avoid aggressive driving
  • Do not tailgate
  • Stop driving if you become fatigued

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The Importance of Hiring a Louisville Car Accident Lawyer

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