Do I need to call 911 after a dog bites me?

Do I need to call 911 after a dog bites me?

It is in your own best interest to call 911, even if you think the bite may be minor and nothing to worry about. Even a minor dog bite can result in serious injury or infection.

After a dog bite, you are generally required to go through a series of rabies vaccinations as a preventative measure.

Moreover, when you call 911 to obtain medical help you are also creating a written record of the incident and a complete description of the wound or wounds. After you call 911, make sure to take pictures of the bites or have someone take pictures for you. When you are treated by a hospital or your own doctor, they are required to report the dog bite incident to the Department of Health.

It is worth taking these extra precautionary measures to ensure you have a complete record of the incident, the aftermath, the seriousness of the bites and what medical treatment was/is required. Your attorney can use the information to make a good case for compensation for your injuries.

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