How much can you sue for a dog bite?

How much can you sue for a dog bite?

Each case is different and can settle for different amounts based on the facts of the case. However, Kentucky is a strict liability state that follows the doctrine of comparative negligence. That means if your dog bites someone, you, as the owner are responsible for any damages.

If comparative negligence is also a factor in your case, the person who may have provoked your dog to bite, or who was trespassing, may have their award reduced by the percentage of their fault in the incident.

Dog bite claims average around $36,000. In 2018, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Insurance Information Institute (III) and State Farm, Kentucky ranks as the 15th state with the highest average dog bite claim of $37,769 for 201 claims for a total claims payout of $7.59 million.

When a claim is made what typically happens is that an insurance company takes over the defense of that claim and many dog bite cases are resolved in the claim stage without the necessity of going to court. Again, each case is different, and some may be resolved for a higher rate of compensation and some may be lower. It depends on the facts of each case. The more serious cases may end up going to court.

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Marty fought for me when the insurance company denied my claim. We sued and got the insurance limits.


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