Tips from Louisville Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle accidents can lead to very serious injuries, and even fatalities.

1,000 bicyclist killed each year

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There are ways to stay safe on the road while riding a bike. Here are some ways to avoid a bicycle accident.

Have the right gear

  • A bicycle should be the appropriate size for the rider. Cyclists should keep bikes maintained and check that the brakes and reflectors are working.
  • Staying visible to drivers, especially at night, is crucial to safety on the road. Cyclists should wear bright clothing during the day and use lights and reflectors at night.
  • Always wear a federally-approved helmet. Research has found that cyclists without helmets are 14 times more likely to die from head injuries after a bike accident than those with head protection.

Bicycle Accident Statistics


Helmet use reduces the odds of a face or neck injury by 33%.


Bicyclists deaths are 8 times higher for males than females.


Alcohol is involved in 37% of all fatal bicyclist crashes.


Seventy-five percent of bicyclists deaths occur in urban areas.


Most bicyclist deaths occur between 6 and 9 pm.


Cyclists without helmets are 14 times more likely to die from head injuries than those with head protection.

Know the traffic laws

One of the most common causes of accidents is failure to follow traffic rules.

Follow the rules of the road

Cyclists should follow the same general rules as a motorist and base speed on road and traffic conditions. Stop at all red lights and stop signs and obey any other traffic signs. Avoid walkways and ride with the flow of traffic on the righthand side of the road if there is no designated bike lane.

Do the following to help stay safe on the roads:

⇝ Use appropriate hand signals

Signaling before a stop, turn or lane change helps drivers react to a cyclist appropriately.

⇝ Give parked cars some distance

Cyclists are at risk of being hit by an opening car door if they ride too close to parked cars. Maintain an appropriate distance.

⇝ Stay aware of your surroundings

Cyclists must stay vigilant on the road. Do not wear headphones or earbuds to listen to music as this may reduce awareness.

Can I Recover Damages in a Louisville Bicycle Crash?

Bicycle accident injuries may result in high settlements or jury awards. Several factors influence compensation, including the extent of economic damages, intangible damages suffered by the victim, and the degree/nature of the negligence involved in the accident.

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The Importance of Hiring a Louisville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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