Do I need a motorcycle accident lawyer?

Do I need a motorcycle accident lawyer?

Motorcycle accidents frequently result in serious injuries or a fatality. In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident there are many factors to consider. In any motorcycle accident, damages are virtually a given. Injuries and how serious they are, what is the recovery period for them, medical expenses, time off work and other factors, are important to think about.

Most motorcyclists involved in an accident, unless they are attorneys themselves, do not know how to proceed after an accident. Most do not know how to deal with insurance companies and what insurance they have and who will pay. Other question arise, like, what is the statute of limitations to file a claim or how a claim is filed in court.

A personal injury accident, like a motorcycle accident, have many moving parts that a victim cannot possibly handle on their own. Without legal representation, a voice in your corner, you could lose the money you deserve in damages.

Do not rush to get your claim settled with insurance companies. If you settle, you are likely going to receive a smaller settlement than what you are possibly entitled to. Insurance companies work to diminish or deny claims. Legal representation in claims of this nature tend to settle for higher amounts because an attorney is fighting for you.

Part of what an attorney does is investigate the scene of the accident, figure out the cause of the accident, gather and document evidence, deal with insurance companies, and following all the required paperwork.

After a motorcycle accident, it is best to contact a Kentucky motorcycle accident attorney and let them deal with the law while you heal.

Other Motorcycle Accident FAQs:

Marty fought for me when the insurance company denied my claim. We sued and got the insurance limits.


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