How long does a motorcycle insurance claim take?

How long does a motorcycle insurance claim take?

Motorcycle accident claim submission process and the time it takes to process is rarely fast. Moreover, settling a motorcycle insurance claim may take days, weeks, months and even years depending on the circumstances of the case and what other issues arise during the course of handling the claim.

Insurance is subjective, meaning each claim depends on each cases’ circumstances, and those differences can affect how slowly or quickly your claim could be settled.

Some of the things that may slow your claim down include:

  • The complexity of the claim being filed. The more complex the claim, the longer it usually takes.
  • The severity of the damage and injuries and the possible recovery time involved.
  • How cooperative the parties involved in the claim are.
  • The number of insurance claims ahead of yours.
  • Insurance coverage discrepancies.

Always read your insurance policy. Make sure to ask you insurance agent all the questions you may have about your policy. It is better to know now and not later.

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