Recall for Continental Truck Tires

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There’s a recall for Continental truck tires. At Hessig and Pohl, we help people who have been injured on Kentucky roadways.  We’ve built a very good reputation for the work we do.  However, as part of our Louisville community, we feel it’s also important to try to protect people from potential accidents.

This specific recall is for their General Tire Grabber light truck tires.  Please note that this is not for all Continental tires.  The specific model is size 33×12.50R18 LT 118Q, Load Range E.

The potentially defective tires were made between May 3 and May 16 of 2015.  The dealers will offer free replacement tires.  If you own these tires, you should contact Continental Customer Service at 1-800-799-2168.

Continental Truck Tire Recall

Are You Driving on Dangerous Tires?

The main issue with these tires appears to be a lack of adhesion, which can impact the treads.  The risk is significant enough that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is taking this step to help prevent potential car wrecks and traffic fatalities.

I’m sure you’ve notice tire treads laying in roadways – especially on our Kentucky highways and interstates.  Many times, this is due to a tire separation on a semi or tractor trailer.  The tread can come loose and eventually rip away from the wheel.  This places the driver of the vehicle and other motorists at substantial risk.

Why Post Information on Continental Truck Tires?

One of the types of automobile accidents Hessig and Pohl handles is Kentucky truck wrecks.  We’ve handled cases involving various equipment defects on tractor trailer trucks.  The trucking company is responsible for ensuring that all of the equipment on the truck is in proper working order.  This includes the lights, tires, brakes and many other systems.

Trucks should undergo periodic safety inspections to ensure the vehicles are safe enough to be on our roads.  When truck companies neglect their safety programs, the consequences can be catastrophic. 

Hessig and Pohl represents victims of tractor trailer accidents.  Most truck wrecks due to defective equipment could be avoided.  Simple checks to inspect the conditions of tires before the truck takes to the road protects all of us.

While the Continental tire recall is for light trucks, we know how busy schedules can get in the way of safety checks.  We hope you’ll take a minute to check the condition of your tires.  If you have Continental tires, you should contact their customer service for assistance and instructions.

If you or a family member have been involved in an accident involving defective tires, we’re here to help.  But as we said earlier, we’re part of this community.  We hope this blog post might prevent you from needing us in the first place.

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