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What to Know About Truck Accidents in Kentucky

Accidents involving large trucks or 18-wheelers are often tragic. Injuries from crashes with trucks can range from very serious to catastrophic, or even death. A commercial truck weighs about 40 tons or 80,000 pounds. In comparison, a car may weigh approximately 5,000 pounds. A collision ...
truck accident lawyer

What to Do After a Kentucky Truck Accident?

While most people are safe drivers, there is always a chance an accident will occur. Due to the size of trucks, accidents involving passenger vehicles can be catastrophic. Whether it is a minor accident or not, you will likely have many questions – is insurance ...
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What You Should Do If You’ve Been Injured in an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident

On this episode of Fighting for Justice in Kentucky, we look at what you should be doing at the scene of an 18-wheeler truck accident and what you can do to protect yourself and your rights.