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How Kentucky’s No-Fault Laws Work in an Uber Car Accident

Being involved in a crash is a horrific experience. Moreover, the aftermath of a car accident is often very complicated and overwhelming for many. Even more so, wrecks with Uber vehicles complicate matter further. Consider a recent car accident case involving an Uber driver. The ...
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Uber Car Accidents Can Be Exceedingly Complex

On this episode of Fighting for Justice in Kentucky, we look at how dealing with car accidents, especially those involving Uber, can make the process more complicated. If you've been involved in an Uber car accident, call or text the attorneys of Hessig & Pohl ...
Uber accident lawyer

Uber Releases First Safety Report

It is no secret that Uber has significantly changed the transportation trends that we once knew. Instead of hiring a taxi, borrowing the family vehicle, or calling a friend, people are increasingly turning to Uber. While ride-sharing services are convenient and accessible, ride-hailing has its ...