What Happens When Kentucky Residents Are Involved in Fatal Car Crash Across State Lines

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Sometimes, fatal car accidents involving Kentucky residents can happen in other states. This can be a legal nightmare, particularly if the accident also involves a large truck.

Consider this horrific accident that killed three Kentucky residents from Bowling Green and Russellville. It happened close to the Tennessee-Kentucky line on I-65 north near mile marker 119. This crash involved two big rigs and a Nissan. The Nissan was badly damaged and all of its occupants died at the scene.

One of the 18-wheelers was heading north in the lane closest to the median. The second large truck and the Nissan were heading south. The truck then rear-ended the Nissan, sending if off of the road and into the median. That is when the 18-wheeler crashed into the Nissan’s front end, resulting in both vehicles ending up off of the road.

In a case like this, it is likely that the families of the deceased Nissan occupants would look into filing a wrongful death personal injury lawsuit. At Hessig & Pohl we completely understand just how devastating this kind of an accident can be and are here to help survivors navigate the legal system to seek compensation.

When a fatal car accident involves a big truck and the accident happens in another state, there can be some complex legal issues to deal with to obtain justice. Moreover, an accident like this would need to deal with multiple insurance companies, possibly several different police jurisdictions, numerous trucking company lawyers, multiple truck drivers, owners and trucking companies.

The attorneys at Hessig & Pohl know precisely what to do to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. You are not alone. Our law firm will perform an investigation into the accident, deal with insurance companies looking to settle and we will fight for your rights.

Hessig & Pohl understands the loss that occurs after any accident. Hessig & Pohl works with a team of professionals to protect your rights and achieve a fair and equitable settlement. Call us today for your free consultation at (502) 777-1111.

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