Workers’ Compensation in Kentucky

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Most employers in Kentucky carry worker’s compensation for employees hurt on-the-job. Despite the fact that most workplaces strive to maintain a good safety record, the fact is that accidents do happen and may cause serious injuries or death.

Workers’ compensation covers those employed in a variety of industries, from nursing to construction workers and from welders to assembly line workers. A work injury can happen at any job. Often, the repetitive motion of performing one’s duties can lead to injury. At Hessig & Pohl, we talk to a lot of workers suffering from repetitive strain injuries. In fact, it is one of the most common complaints in all workplaces whether you work at a computer all day or work in a coal mine. In other cases, the work injury can result from an accident like a slip and fall or injury by a falling object.

Cumulative trauma is something that happens when a worker repeats a motion over and over. Over time, the repetition of a task will damage your body. The consequences of cumulative trauma do not manifest for many months or years.

The most common cumulative trauma issues that Hessig & Pohl have handled include neck and back problems, hip or knee replacements, arm and hand carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow cubital tunnel syndrome and shoulder surgeries. Each injury causes pain in its own unique way and each injury impairs a worker attempting to do their job.

The important thing to note is that workers should not hesitate to file a workers’ compensation claim even if the injury cannot be tied to one event. Kentucky’s workers’ compensation law states, “Injury is defined as any work-related traumatic event or series of events, including cumulative trauma, arising out of and in the course of employment.”

To prove a cumulative trauma workers’ compensation case the following evidence is needed:

  • Medical proof from treating physicians, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists
  • Immediate action was taken to report the injury to your employer.
  • Prompt action to file a claim even though the statute of limitations is 2-years in Kentucky.

The key to winning benefits is proving the cumulative trauma injury was the direct result of your work. This is why when filing for workers’ compensation it is best to have the assistance of a Hessig & Pohl workers’ compensation attorney. We know how to maximize your benefits.

The workers’ compensation process can be quite complex and complicated. Hessig & Pohl are highly experienced workers’ compensation attorneys who know how to handle injury claims. They make sure you get fair and equitable damages for your injuries. Call them today for your free consultation at (502) 777-1111.

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