Elizabethtown Lyft Accident Attorneys

Elizabethtown Lyft Accident Attorneys

Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber have become popular choices for many Kentucky commuters as well as casual riders. However, as more people rely on Lyft to get around, the number of Elizabethtown Lyft accidents has continued to grow. At Hessig & Pohl, we skillfully represent those who have been involved in Kentucky rideshare accidents, helping them navigate the complex insurance policies and laws that apply in these accidents.

The biggest concern surrounding the increased popularity of Lyft and other rideshare companies is that rideshare drivers are not professionals. Indeed, according to the company’s own website, applicants need no special qualifications to become a Lyft driver. Any applicant who is 21 years old and has a valid license and smartphone can become a Lyft driver if they pass a driving and criminal history check. There is no practical component to becoming a Lyft driver. Not surprisingly, studies have indicated that rideshare drivers are responsible for a two to three percent increase in the total number of fatal traffic accidents.

Those who have been injured in an accident with a Lyft driver will have many questions. For Lyft passengers, the good news is that the company’s $1 million insurance policy is almost always available to cover any injuries caused while in a Lyft vehicle. However, many Elizabethtown Lyft accidents involve those other than passengers, such as other motorists, pedestrians or bicyclists.

Is Lyft responsible for an accident?

One of the most common questions after a Kentucky Lyft accident is whether someone who was injured in a Lyft accident can hold the company liable. Technically, it would be challenging to hold Lyft accountable for an accident because the company’s drivers are considered independent contractors. However, a claim may be made through the company’s insurance policy.  

Lyft maintains an insurance policy that provides up to $1 million in coverage. However, not every Elizabethtown Lyft accident will be covered at this level. The company breaks down the rideshare process into three phases, and depending on which phase the accident occurs in determines the amount of insurance coverage that is available.

Phase one: The Lyft driver is driving with the app off, or with Driver Mode turned off.

Accidents occurring during the first phase are not covered by Lyft’s insurance policy. Thus, anyone injured in an accident occurring during this phase will need to either look to their own insurance policy or the Lyft driver’s individual policy.

Phase two: The Lyft app is on and Driver Mode is on, but the driver has not yet been paired with a passenger.

In these situations, Lyft’s insurance coverage applies, but with reduced limits. Specifically, the policy provides a limit of $50,000 per person or a maximum of $100,000 per accident. Of course, in addition to this policy, an injured Lyft passenger may be able to also file a claim against their own insurance company, as well as the at-fault driver’s personal policy.

Phase three: The Lyft driver is paired with a passenger up until the point when the driver drops off the passenger.

For accidents occurring during the third phase, Lyft’s advertised insurance policy of $1 million applies in addition to any coverage maintained by the driver. Notably, this is the only phase in the rideshare process in which Lyft’s UIM policy applies.

Discuss your case with an experienced Lyft accident attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in an Elizabethtown Lyft accident, you need an experienced personal injury law firm on your side. Hessig & Pohl is eager to help. Our dedicated team of Lyft accident lawyers commands a firm understanding of the company’s complex insurance policy, as well as how to maximize our clients’ recoveries. Because we work on a contingency basis, our representation will not cost you anything out-of-pocket, and we will not collect a fee unless we can obtain compensation on your behalf. At Hessig & Pohl, we have the experience, dedication and skill necessary to effectively bring your claim against those responsible for your injuries. Contact us through this website, or call our office at (502) 777-1111. The initial consultation is always free.

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