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Louisville Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Being injured at work can be devastating for Kentucky workers and their families. Not only are you dealing with an injury, and the pain and treatment you have to undergo, but now you cannot work and need to pay for medical bills, housing and food for your family.

This can be a confusing and scary time for Kentucky families. But having the right workers’ compensation litigation team on your side is the surest way to protect you. Your lawyer will fight for your rights under Kentucky’s workers’ compensation laws.

Employers and their insurance companies may not play fair with injured employees. Your employer and its workers’ compensation insurance company will have a team of lawyers, adjusters and private investigators working to make sure they pay you as little as possible. You should have a team of highly trained and highly skilled Louisville workers’ compensation lawyers on your side.

The workers' compensation attorneys at Hessig & Pohl will aggressively represent you from the initial phone call, to investigating the accident, to making sure you are paid the benefits that you deserve.

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There are many things that we will do to fight for you and win your claim

We will support you through your workers' compensation claim

We explain to you the work injury laws in Kentucky and the types of benefits you deserve

We gather documentation, such as accident and injury reports from your employer, medical records and witness statements

We calculate how much your wage benefits should be and explain how the amount is calculated

We determine whether you are owed lost wages, and how much, and the interest on past due wages

We prepare you to testify at hearings, if necessary, along with any witnesses required to prove your claim

We hire and take the depositions of medical experts to prove your disability is related to a work injury

We ensure all of your work-related medical bills are paid, including money for future treatment

We help ensure you & your family will be taken care of in the future, if your disability is permanent

Workers' Compensation Benefits

Kentucky workers’ compensation benefits are fairly straight forward. Employers and their insurance companies are responsible for lost wages and medical expenses for work-related injuries.

The following are the three categories of workers' compensation benefits:


Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)

When an employee is injured at work and that injury causes the employee to miss work, they are entitled to receive two-thirds of the pre-injury, gross average weekly wage. The employee will receive this every week they are off of work due to the injury. The only restriction is that the employee cannot receive more than the maximum weekly wage which is set by the state each year.


Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

In some circumstances, the employee is injured to such a degree that they cannot work for the rest of their life. In this type of case, the employee will receive the gross average weekly wage until retirement age. However, in these types of cases, often the case is settled for a lump sum amount.


Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

An employee receives PPD wage benefits when they can work in a limited capacity due to the work-related injury. In this case, the workers’ compensation judge will place a percentage of disability on the employee, and they will be paid a partial wage based upon that percentage.

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Medical Bills

Employers are also responsible for all medical expenses related to the injury, such as bills for hospital emergency rooms, doctor’s office visits, MRIs, surgeries, prescriptions, travel expenses to go to medical appointments, physical therapy, durable medical equipment, steroid injections and rehabilitative treatment.

Kentucky also provides for vocational rehabilitation training if the employee can no longer perform the pre-injury job.

Common work related injuries include

Shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears, dislocated shoulders and degenerative conditions that require shoulder replacement surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome, causing severe pain and numbness in the hands and fingers, caused by repetitive motions with the hands and wrists during work activities

Lung injuries, or COPD from inhaling toxic fumes or from working in factories for a long time.

Broken bones due to trips and falls, or being entangled with a machine

Knee injuries such as dislocated knees, torn ACL, MCL or other ligaments, and degenerative conditions requiring total knee replacement

Spinal cord injuries in the neck and back including bulging and herniated discs, cervical and lumbar fusions, broken vertebrae and degenerative disc disease from years of repetitive movement

Overexertion injuries: pulled muscles and ligaments in various parts of the body

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD);

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Louisville Workers' Compensation Lawyers

If you are injured at work, contact the workers’ compensation lawyers at Hessig & Pohl. We have helped hundreds of injured workers get the benefits they deserve. There is no downside to contacting us to help you with your work injury claim. The initial consultation is free.