Lexington Car Accident Attorneys

Lexington Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents change lives. Being involved in a major Kentucky car accident can have devastating effects on the lives of those involved. Not only must accident victims overcome their physical injuries, but there is often lingering pain and anxiety associated with their injuries. Once an injured motorist recovers, they often find themselves confronted with astronomical medical bills that can be hard to pay given the fact that many accident victims cannot work during part or all of their recovery.

Nobody gets behind the wheel thinking that they will be involved in a car wreck. However, each year there are over 150,000 Kentucky car accidents resulting in, on average, 700 deaths. For example, in 2018 alone there were over 13,500 Fayette County car accidents resulting in over 2,100 injuries and 30 deaths.

Causes of Car Accidents

Most accidents are preventable if motorists use caution and care while driving. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of serious accidents are the result of a driver’s negligence. A few of the more common causes of Lexington car accidents are:

  • Intoxicated driving – Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not only illegal, it can also be the basis of a Lafayette car accident claim.
  • Speeding – Speeding can prevent a motorist from stopping in time or may cause them to lose control of their vehicle.
  • Cell phone use – As cell phone use among the adult population approaches 100 percent, many motorists wrongly think that they can safely talk or text while driving.
  • Distraction or driver inattention – By far, the most common cause of Lexington car crashes is distracted driving. Distraction and inattentive driving are responsible for over 50,000 accidents each year.
  • Failure to yield – Motorists’ failure to yield the right-of-way account for nearly 15,000 accidents each year, making it one of the leading causes of Kentucky car accidents.
  • Making an improper turn – Whether it be changing lanes into another motorist or making an illegal turn, improper lane changes cause several thousand accidents each year.

Regardless of the cause, those involved in a serious Fayette County car accident are entitled to pursue a claim for compensation against the parties they believe to be at fault for causing the accident.

Pursuing a Kentucky Car Accident Case

Most car accident claims involve the fault of another driver. However, that is not always the case. For example, some car accidents are the result of a poorly designed parking lot or garage or an inadequately maintained road. In these cases, an accident victim may name a private landowner or government entity as the defendant. Notably, Kentucky personal injury claims against government agencies, officials and employees are subject to additional procedural requirements.

Kentucky law requires that all motorists maintain the following amount of insurance coverage on their vehicles:

  • $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability
  • $25,000 for property damage

Alternatively, motorists have the option of obtaining a policy with a single limit of $60,000. When someone is injured in a Lexington car accident, the default means of recovery is through a claim with their own insurance policy. This is because Kentucky is a “choice no-fault” state. However, motorists have the option of obtaining tort-based auto insurance, in which case a motorist could file a claim with the at-fault motorist’s insurance company. Even if no-fault insurance is obtained, a claim can be pursued if the accident victim’s injuries reach a certain threshold.

Unlike many other states, Kentucky does not require motorists obtain underinsured or uninsured motorist (UIM) protection. However, UIM coverage is highly recommended because, without it, those injured in an accident caused by another driver who is either uninsured or does not carry enough insurance to cover their injuries may not have any way to recover for their injuries.

Even when there is sufficient insurance coverage, insurance companies frequently give accident victims the run-around when it comes to approving their claim for damages. Insurance companies are for-profit companies that must take more in each month in premiums than they pay out in settled claims. Thus, insurance adjusters are incentivized to deny claims or resolve them for as little as possible. Of course, accident victims do not need to, and should not, take an insurance company’s advice on how to resolve their claim. Instead, accident victims can reach out to a dedicated Lexington personal injury attorney for assistance.

Do I Really Need an Attorney?

One of the first, and most common, questions injured motorists ask is whether retaining an attorney is necessary. Strictly speaking, the answer is no; however, practically, there is nothing to lose by consulting with a knowledgeable attorney who can help you evaluate the strength of your case and advise you on how to proceed.

The recovery process is difficult enough without having to worry about negotiation with the insurance company, collecting medical records and spending countless hours on the phone. A car accident lawyer takes over all accident- and insurance-related tasks, and lets accident victims focus on getting their life back to normal. However, perhaps the most common reason many injured motorists work with an attorney is that studies have shown that personal injury plaintiffs who are represented by a lawyer recover 40 percent more in settlement agreements than those who are unrepresented.

Consult with a Dedicated Lexington Personal Injury Law Firm

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in the Lexington area, you need experienced personal injury lawyers on your side. Hessig & Pohl is ready to help you. One of the reasons Hessig & Pohl is a popular choice among Kentucky car accident victims is that our representation does not cost you anything out-of-pocket. We work on a contingency basis and cover all litigation costs. We will not collect a fee unless we are able to help you recover compensation for your injuries. Contact us though our website, or call our office at (502) 777-1111. The initial consultation is always free.

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