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Those who have suffered serious injury as a result of a Lexington car crash or other personal injury accident understand the disruptive impact these eventscan have on an accident victim’s life. Indeed, the healing of physical injuries is only one aspect of the recovery process. Often, those who suffer severe injuries after a Kentucky personal injury accident miss a significant amount of work, time away from loved ones and then are left with sizeable medical bills. At Hessig & Pohl, we are ready to help you. Our team of experienced injury lawyers represent clients who have been injured in all types of Lexington personal injury accidents, from car accidents to truck accidents to slip-and-falls.

Fayette County

Fayette County is Kentucky’s second largest county, behind Jefferson County. Fayette County has approximately 323,000 people, and which is about double the number of people in the third largest county, Kenton County. The territory of Fayette County is coextensive with Lexington, meaning that Lexington is the only city in Fayette County.

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Car Accidents in Lexington and Fayette County

In 2018, there were 13,582 Fayette County accidents reported. Of those, 2,150 resulted in non-fatal but serious injury, over 11,000 resulted in property damage, and 30 resulted in one or more fatalities. In total, 32 people were killed in Lexington car accidents and 2,976 were injured.

13,583 car accidents
1400 Lexington car accidents per month
111 fatal KY motorcycle accidents
3700 drunk driving car accidents per year

Types of Accidents in Fayette County

Drunk driving is a major problem in Kentucky. In 2018, there were a total of 3,580 Kentucky drunk driving accidents, 370 of which occurred in Fayette County. Over 160 people were seriously injured in Lexington drunk driving accidents in 2018 alone.

In 2016, there were 111 fatal Kentucky motorcycle accidents. This was the highest number of motorcycle fatalities in ten years. Despite what some may believe, most motorcycle accidents – 66 out of the total 111 – involved experienced riders with valid licenses who had obtained the motorcycle endorsement on their license. Just seven fatalities involved those without a license, and 14 involved motorcyclists with expired or suspended licenses.

According to the Kentucky state government, Fayette County ranks second for:

Speed-related car accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Truck accidents

Accidents resulting in serious injury

Drunk driving accidents

Pursuing a claim for financial compensation after an accident

The recovery process can be a lengthy one. Not only that, but it also placesan additional burden on injury victims at a time when they needto focus on recovering and getting their life back to normal. At Hessig & Pohl, we understand that our clientswant to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions, but also that a personal injury case shouldn’t take over an accident victim’s life.

That is why we take the reins, offering sound advice and counsel as we lead clients through the process, keeping them updated about their case at every step of the way. When a client brings Hessig &Pohl on board to handle their case, we understand that they are putting a lot of trust in our firm. And that trust is well placed. Whether it is negotiating with a difficult insurance company or litigating a case at trial, our experienced trial attorneys are comfortable in and out of the courtroom, and work tirelessly on behalf of our clients from the moment we get involved.

Representing clients involved in all types of Kentucky accidents

As experienced and well-rounded Lexington injury attorneys, we handle most types of personal injury matters, including:

Louisville Car Accident Attorneys

Kentucky car accidents are one of the most common types of Lexington personal injury claims. All motorists owe a duty to those with whom they share the road. This duty requires drivers operate their vehicles in a safe manner, following all traffic laws and posted signs. Most Lexington car accident claims involve a driver’s negligence, whether it be texting while driving, failing to yield, or running a stop sign. In these cases, an injured party can recover from the at-fault motorist. With decades of collective experience, our Kentucky car accident lawyers know what it takes to recover on our clients’ behalf.

The unfortunate reality is that Lexington motorcycle accident victims face an uphill battle from the beginning due to an unfair social stigma that motorcyclists are aggressive drivers. In addition, in Kentucky, a motorcyclist’s failure to wear a helmet canbe used to reduce the amount of damages awarded. At Hessig & Pohl, we frequently represent those injured in Kentucky motorcycle accidents, and understand how to go about debunking the myths about motorcyclists. In cases involving an unhelmeted rider, we work with a respected network of medical experts who can help establish that wearing a helmet would not have completely eliminated the chance for injury.

Lexington Motorcycle Accidents
Lexington Truck Accident Lawyers

Due to its location central, Kentucky sees a lot of semi-truck traffic. This is especially true in Lexington where two major interstates, I-74 and I-64, intersect. As a result of all this semi-truck traffic, Fayette County sees the second highest number of truck accidents in Kentucky, behind only Jefferson County. Truck accident cases often raise unique issues such as employer liability, maintenance issues and driver compliance with federal regulations. It is important Lexington truck accident victims discuss their case with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Ever since rideshare companies Uber and Lyft started offering statewide service in Kentucky, the rate of car accidents has increased. While these companies advertise that they carry robust $1 million insurance policies, not all claims are covered at the$1 million limit. Pedestrians and other motorists who were struck by a Lyft or Uber driver may face the reality that there is significantly less coverage than is necessary to fully compensate them for their injuries. In these situations, it is important to look for other potential sources of compensation, such as the at-fault driver’s personal policy or the injured party’s uninsured/underinsured motorist protection coverage.

Louisville Workers Compensation Lawyers

Over 40,000 people are injured each year in Kentucky workplace accidents. Most of these employees can seek compensation only through the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Law. Workers’ compensation claims are easier to prove because they do not require the injured employee prove that another party was at fault. However, the drawback to these claims is that only certain types of damages are covered. Most notably, Lexington workers’ compensation claims will not compensate an injured worker for their pain and suffering. That being said, there may be ways for injured workers to pursue a third-party personal injury claim against a non-employer.

While most dogs are a loving part of the owner’s family, some dogs will attack unprovoked. In most cases, this is due to the owner neglecting the animal or failing to safely secure their pet. However, Kentucky’s dog bite law applies strict liability on animal owners. This means that, even if a dog’s owner was not negligent in any way or had no idea that their animal was aggressive or capable of attacking, the owner can still be held liable for injuries caused by their pet through a Lexington dog bite case.

Lexington Dog Bite Lawyers
Premises Liability

Those who are injured while on the property of another can pursue a Lexington premises liability claim against the land owner. Kentucky maintains the old common-aw distinctions between trespasser, licensee and invitee. As a result, the extent of the duty owed to a guest will depend on the reason for their visit. Generally, customers and other guests who are visiting for business purposes are owed the highest duty of care. And while trespassers are typically owed a lesser duty, Kentucky courts recognize the attractive nuisance doctrine which imposes liability on a landowner who fails to guard against a dangerous condition on their property that may appeal to children, who lack the sense of judgment to avoid the danger.

The statutes of limitations in Lexington accident cases

Kentucky personal injury claims are all subject to a statute of limitations. A statute of limitations provides the time period during which a timely claim can be filed for any given issue. For most Lexington personal injury claims, the statute of limitations is just one year from the date of injury. Lexington traffic accidents, however, are subject to a different statute of limitations that allows injured motorists up to two years to file their claim.

Most of the time, the statute of limitations begins at the time of the accident. However, determining when the clock starts is not always straightforward.

1 year lexington personal injury claims
2 years lexington traffic accidents

It is common for many injuries to lie dormant for weeks or even months before the symptoms become noticeable.

In some situations, injuries may go undiscovered for years. Generally, Kentucky courts are forgiving when it comes to accident victims who did not discover that they were injured until after the statute of limitations has expired. In these cases, the court may hold that the clock does not start until the injured party becomes aware of their injury. However, anyone who has recently been in an accident is advised to consult with a dedicated Lexington personal injury lawyer earlier rather than later, because nothing is gained by waiting to bring a case.

Understanding Kentucky’s comparative fault statute

Some accidents are clearly the fault of one party. However, it is not uncommon for the injured party to have bear some responsibility for their injuries. Of course, at Hessig & Pohl, we are skilled at minimizing our clients’ role in bringing about an accident, but in some cases shared fault is an unavoidable conclusion. In Kentucky, the fact that an injured party was partially at fault will not typically prevent them from recovering from other at-fault parties.

Pure comparative fault doctrine

Under the Kentucky’s pure comparative fault doctrine, accident victims who share in the blame for causing the accident resulting in their injuries are still eligible to recover from other at-fault parties.

However, an injured party’s total recovery amount will be reduced by their percentage of fault.

Comparative fault example

If a plaintiff sustains $400,000 in damages after a wreck, but is 25 percent at fault for the accident, they will recover $300,000 rather than the full $400,000. Unlike other states that use a modified comparative negligence model, Kentucky accident victims will not be precluded from recovering for their injuries even if they are more than 50 percent at fault.

Discuss your case with an experience Lexington personal injury law firm

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of another’s negligence, you need and deserve to have an experienced personal injury law firm on your side. At Hessig & Pohl, we are ready to help you. Our attorneys can help you pursue a claim for compensation based on the injuries you have sustained, regardless of the nature of the accident. We handle Lexington motor vehicle accidents, as well as slip-and-fall claims and wrongful death cases. We will not collect a fee unless can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

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This is because we operate on a contingent-fee basis, meaning we cover all litigation costs, conduct any additional investigation on our own dime, and even pay for all necessary expert witnesses. We will not bill you for our services unless and until we can successfully recover compensation on your behalf.