Evansville Sledding Accident Turned Tragic

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Evansville Sledding Accident Turned TragicThe snow is continuing to fall in Louisville and surrounding areas.  We all remember what it was like to take the sled out and head for the nearest hill.  Unfortunately, for one family, their Evansville sledding accident turned tragic.

This past weekend, a number of children were sledding on a steep hill, near the Newburgh Lock and Dam.  Newburgh is a small town in the Evansville-area. There’s a road at the bottom of the hill, followed by more grass and then a drop off, into the Ohio River.

While one of the young girls was sledding down the hill, she crossed onto the road and was struck by an oncoming car.  As a result of those injuries, she was pronounced dead at the scene.  Since then, it has been reported that the driver of the vehicle has been arrested. Possibly for alcohol related charges.

When you were young, you or your friends may have suffered a bruised tailbone, a broken collar bone, or maybe a broken arm due to a sledding accident.  It was all part of the risk.  This Evansville sledding accident turned tragic for a number of reasons.  It may result in a wrongful death claim against the driver of the car.  Regardless of the outcome, it’ll never replace the loss of this bright, young student.

Parents, the attorneys at Hessig and Pohl urge you to take a few steps to protect your children as they get ready for a day of sledding.

Safe Sledding Tips

Step 1:  Make sure the location is safe.

Many parks and other Louisville-area locations are perfect places to sled.  The hills vary in size.  There will be other adults around.  Most importantly, those hills are often isolated from cross-traffic and other vehicles.

Step 2:  Make sure an adult is near.

Fun activities, like sledding, can quickly turn into unforeseen emergencies.  At times like this, an adult can make the necessary calls to 911, other parents and speak with first responders.  While your child may be mature for his/her age, when an emergency happens, they may not know how to respond appropriately.

Step 3:  Keep a first aid kit in the car.

You may not need it, but when a situation requires attention, you’ll be prepared to act.

Step 4:  If the kids have to go without an adult, make sure they have their phones. 

Kids never seem to go anywhere without their phones.  Use that to your advantage.  Schedule a few quick “text appointments” so they can at least check-in to let you know things are okay.  This is also helpful if they decide to change locations.  Most cell phones, and some apps, can enable you to track the location of the phone, for added safety.

Our hearts go out to this Evansville-area family.  The loss of a child is one of the most heart-wrenching situations anyone can experience.  This Evansville sledding accident turned tragic.  There may have been ways to prevent it, but circumstances are sometimes beyond our control.  We hope that you’ll take a few extra minutes to speak with your children and neighbors about these 4 simple steps.

We’re personal injury attorneys.  We handle wrongful death cases, but we’d prefer to see fewer of them.  No amount of negotiations and litigation will every replace the sight of this happy, young girl.  Let’s enjoy winter activities, but please take steps to do it safely.

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