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Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer

The dangers of understaffed nursing homes

The number of staff in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility actually can be a possible indicator of neglect of the residents of that facility. Most people assume that nursing home facilities would want to have an adequate amount of staff in order to care ...
Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer

A better way to find evidence of elder abuse

Elder abuse is a serious and rising problem. Every year, approximately 10 percent of the elderly experience some form of abuse, either physical or mental. But there is a problem with detecting and investigating potential abuse victims. Because of this, a new protocol has been ...
Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer

The different types of nursing home abuse

It is a horrible thing when a family learns that their elderly loved one who lives in a nursing home was abused in some way, either by the employees of the nursing home or by other residents. Sometimes it is hard to spot the signs ...
Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer

Are bedsores a sign of nursing home abuse?

Pressure ulcers, more commonly referred to as bedsores, may be a sign of nursing home abuse and/or neglect. Bedsores occur when someone is inactive and not moving from the same position for a very long time. They are common among the elderly who cannot move ...