What To Do If Your College Student Is In An Accident

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Sending a child away to college can be scary for parents, especially in a busy place like Louisville. No parent wants to think about their child being injured, but having a plan, and communicating it with your new college student, will ensure both of you are prepared…should an accident occur.

This article provides tips on what to do if your college student is involved in a slip and fall or automobile accident while away from home. If you want to see some visual information, check out what tips one of our outstanding attorneys, Marty, has to say.

The first thing you want to educate your kids is to make sure they are okay/get help. You can visit the university’s first aid center if you have an accident near campus. Depending on the severity of your injuries, they can provide recommendations on how to proceed.

What To Do While You Are At The Scene Of The Accident.

  • Make sure your college student knows to take pictures of everything.
    • They could be blamed for more damage than caused at the scene of the accident or vice versa; they could claim they didn’t cause the damage to your car.
  • Do not let them assume responsibility.
    • Car wrecks can be scary; if your child/new college student has never been in an accident, they may not know what to say or do. They should stay quiet until the officer arrives and answer questions honestly.  There may be other factors to the accident.
  • Gather the other driver’s information.
    • The insurance company will need the other driver’s name, the car’s make and model, license plate number, and insurance information.

What To Do After The Accident.

After the accident, you will talk to your insurance agent as soon as possible. They will help you make a recorded statement and tell you which information is essential to add. If unsure of issues, you can always contact a Louisville car accident attorney.

Consult a personal injury attorney before speaking with the other parties’ insurance company. 

Set up a power of attorney for health care and finances. If they experience a medical emergency, this document will allow you to make decisions about their treatment while they are unable.

If your college student was in an accident and it wasn’t their fault, you could be entitled to compensation.  Contact Hessig & Pohl for a no-fee case consultation.  We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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