What To Do If A Dog Has Bitten You

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The saying goes, “A dog is man’s best friend.” Unfortunately, even the best-trained dog can bite…and if you find yourself the victim of a dog bite, it’s important to know how to respond.

Should You Call 911?

One of your first questions may be, “should I call 911?” That is a difficult question because of the specific circumstances involved in each situation. It is usually in your best interest to call 911, even if you think the bite may be minor and nothing to worry about. Even a minor dog bite can result in serious injury or infection.

Should You File A Police Report?

Reporting a dog bite incident provides legal documentation, which you will need if you file a lawsuit and/or an insurance claim. Filing a police report helps get the records about the dog’s history, vaccination information, and the dog’s owner.

Should You Take A Dog Bite Case To Court?

You may wonder, “how much money can I get if I take this to court?” Based on the facts of the case, each case may settle for a different amount. However, Kentucky follows a strict liability doctrine based on comparative negligence. In other words, you are responsible for any damages caused by your dog if it bites someone. More details can be found here or by scheduling a no-fee, no-obligation case evaluation.

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Dog Bite Claim?

The average time to complete a case like this is three months, but every case is different, and every person is different. We have a podcast dedicated to this subject.

Why Should I Call A Lawyer If The Insurance Company Is Handling Everything?

The involvement of an insurance company may be reassuring because you can recover damages from a company and not the owner directly. This also guarantees that any compensation won will be paid. However, insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with. Hessig & Pohl can navigate this process with you, so you are sure they are playing fair.

At Hessig & Pohl, we understand how sensitive and complicated these cases can be. We have experience with dog bite injuries and can help you recover what was lost due to your attack. We offer the Fee Free Guarantee, and you will pay nothing if we cannot get you the compensation you deserve. As the premier dog bite attorneys in Louisville and throughout Kentucky, we are ready to help you. Contact us through this website, or call our office at (502) 777-1111.

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