Keep Yourself Safe By Keeping Your Dogs Trained

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While most dogs are sweethearts, even the gentlest dog can bite in the wrong circumstances. Unfortunately, if your dog bites someone, you can be liable as the pet owner. This article shares several tips that every dog owner should consider to help prevent attacks.

Pay For Professional Dog Training

If you’ve recently brought a new puppy home, you should consider professional puppy training. Not only will this help you get acclimated to your new puppy, but it will also help set ground rules and curb aggressiveness as the puppy ages.

Ease Your Dog Into Public Settings

Socializing your dog is important, but don’t assume your new dog will be friendly to other people and animals. Just because they react nicely to you doesn’t mean they will respond well to everyone. The same goes with other animals…different breeds or different sizes of dogs can trigger your new dog’s emotions, and they may react. Be cautious when taking a new dog to a public place, and be sure to reward them for good behavior.

Train Your Dog Not to Bite

Evolution has caused dogs to use their teeth for many reasons. Use Bite Inhibition Training to teach your dog that biting is bad. Also, be sure to use positive reinforcement when they listen and behave.

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Leash

Even if your dog is well trained, keeping them on a leash in public places is still essential. In many places, it is illegal to have your dog off-leash.

  • Even if a dog is trained to know better, it can still chase someone or something, causing injury to your pet or another person.
  • Some people are afraid of dogs, and your pet could cause them to feel unsafe.
  • Your dog may see a child and think they can play and run around them as if they are adults, which can cause injury. 42% of dog bite victims are children aged 6 or younger.
  • Dogs are less likely to attack if leashed.

Have You Been Attacked by a Dog?

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