Summer driving safety tips: why you should take driving in the summer seriously

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Although you may be more cautious in the winter while driving because of ice and snow, you also need to consider the dangers of what could happen in the summer, especially with all the traffic and construction in Louisville. Below are some things you may not consider but should look into this summer.


Traffic increases due to travel, road trips, family gatherings, and more during the summer months. Be sure to carpool to reduce traffic or be observant on the road.


Summer heat can have a significant impact on your car. You need to keep up with your maintenance to ensure it doesn’t lead to an accident. The most common dangers are low tires, which can lead to tire blowouts, low tread, and fluid leaks, which can affect your brakes. Also, heat heightens the chance of your engine overheating. So, watch out for all these possible complications so you don’t have any accidents.


Distracted drivers are at a high in the summer, whether it’s vacations or road trips. Families visit pools, family dinners, bonfires, etc., where there is alcohol which heightens the distractions while driving. Whatever the situation may be, distractions cause a higher risk of accidents, so be aware and careful. With Louisville being the largest city in Kentucky, there are many attractions and sights to see.


Many celebrations happen in Louisville and throughout Kentucky this summer, starting with the 4th of July. The holidays can bring danger through drunk driving, increased traffic due to traveling, swimming incidents, and more, along with festivals, horse races, lake weekends, and more.


The summer heat can cause exhaustion and dehydration, which can be very dangerous, especially when driving. Studies show that driving when dehydrated can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Read this for more.


Since summer comes with heat, people bring their motorcycles to ride. Motorcycles are dangerous because the passenger is not protected as they would in a car, especially if you do not wear a helmet.

The most dangerous roads to look out for in Louisville this summer.

  • 1) I-264 1264 E & W
  • 2) I-65 165 N & S
  • 3) I-64 164 E & W
  • 4) U.S. 31W Dixie Hwy.
  • 5) U.S. 31E Bardstown Rd.
  • 6) KY 61 Preston Hwy.


In order to stay safe while driving in the summer follow these tips:

  • Do a regular check up on your car
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Watch your speed

If you or someone you know has been injured due to summer conditions and it wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to compensation.  Contact Hessig & Pohl for a no-fee case consultation.  We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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