How Kentucky’s No-Fault Laws Work in an Uber Car Accident

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Being involved in a crash is a horrific experience. Moreover, the aftermath of a car accident is often very complicated and overwhelming for many. Even more so, wrecks with Uber vehicles complicate matter further.

Consider a recent car accident case involving an Uber driver. The Uber driver got involved in a crash because he was watching his iPad instead of the road. He collided with a vehicle that was turning left. The impact caused the other vehicle to sway across a crosswalk and strike and kill a pedestrian. To start with, this is a complex accident that would involve multiple plaintiffs. Moreover, it would involve distracted driving, and wrongful death.

Accidents involving Uber vehicles and drivers are complex. Uber drivers are regarded as independent contractors. While they are obligated to have insurance, the type of insurance they can use depends on what time period they were in when the accident occurred. Did they have a passenger? Where they logged into the app looking for a passenger? Each of these factors, or time periods, has a different insurance policy that may or may not be accessed in pursuit of compensation for injuries as a result of an accident. This is one of the most pressing reasons as to why it is important to discuss any Uber collision with a Hessig & Pohl Uber accident attorney. They regularly deal with Uber accidents and have earned a reputation for obtaining fair compensation.

​Kentucky No Fault Insurance

Kentucky is considered a “no-fault” insurance state. No-fault is a type of vehicle insurance that kicks in to help pay for you and your passenger’s medical expenses after a crash, despite who caused the collision. You may recognize no-fault insurance as personal injury protection or PIP insurance. When you go to buy auto insurance you can choose to have full coverage or just choose the minimum amount required by the state, however, you are required to include Kentucky no-fault insurance coverage in your policy.

Kentucky no-fault insurance came into being July 1, 1975 and its intention was to ensure auto accident victims received insurance benefits fast, including payments for rehabilitation/medical care if required and lost wages for those not able to work up to a period of time.

​Understanding What No-Fault Insurance Covers

No-fault insurance pays medical expenses and hospitalization as the result of a serious accident. Prescription costs are typically covered as well, as are rehabilitation expenses. During your journey to wellness after a collision follow-up medical appointments or visits to a rehabilitation facility plus mileage there and back are also paid. Often you pay these costs up front and the insurance company then reimburses you for those expenses.

No-fault insurance does not pay to repair any damage to your vehicle, so if you do want that type of insurance coverage, also referred to as full coverage (that includes no-fault insurance), your policy needs to include collision and comprehensive coverage and property damage.

Given the complexity of collisions involving an Uber driver, and the different levels of insurance involved, hiring an experienced Hessig & Pohl Uber accident lawyer is critical to protect your rights and get fair and equitable compensation for your injuries. Call Hessig & Pohl today at (502) 777-1111.

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