Surviving the Holidays

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Hessig and Pohl attorneys offer tips for surviving the holidaysThe end of the year is just about here.  We hope your 2017 was full of great times and good memories with friends and family.  As the holidays get closer, people’s nerves tend to get frazzled.  I’m sure we all know how that can be, from time to time.  We’d like to offer a few tips to remember when it comes to surviving the holidays.

Tip #1:  While everyone is rushing around to find that last, perfect gift, remember to take time to simply enjoy the moment.  Watch the snow drift down (if we get any).  Enjoy that warm cup of coffee.  Schedule a lunch date with friends you haven’t seen in a while.  But we hope you’ll also remember that people around you are going to be highly distracted.  If you need to cross the street, use the crosswalk.  If you’re in a parking lot, watch for drivers who may not see you.  We’ve blogged a lot this year about pedestrian accidents.

Tip #2:  If you’re driving, remember to wear your seat belt.  It’s a good idea to make sure anyone else in the car is doing the same.  Because of all of the distractions, people may be forced to stop short or to follow too closely.  This is a key reason rear-end collisions occur with such frequency.  In fact, in 2016, 38% of all two-car collisions were rear-end collisions (over 33,000 incidents).  In this case, seat belts can play a literal role in surviving the holidays!

Tip #3:  If you do have to travel over the holidays, remember to keep alert and ignore the text message that just beeped.  Your friends and family are expecting to see you for the celebration.  We want you to arrive safely and on-time.  December of 2016 was the 2nd highest month of the year for traffic collisions.  We’re all in a hurry to get where we’re going.  The roads can be slippery with snow and ice.  Try to leave a little earlier.  If you’re sitting in traffic, take a deep breath and turn on some Christmas music.  You’ll get there.

Surviving the holidays can be a challenge for many people.  The team at Hessig and Pohl understands how stressful the season can be.  At the same time, we’re about to wrap up another year that was full of challenges, laughs and tears and smiles.  The good news is that the new year is just around the corner.

We want to thank you for connecting with us on our Facebook page, for hiring us if you needed an injury attorney and for waiving when we saw each other at a local event.  We want to wish you the best and encourage you to remember that you made it through another year.  Congratulations and Happy Holidays from all of us at Hessig and Pohl Injury Attorneys.

by Martin Pohl | Dec 15, 2017 | ,



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