Car Hit Pedestrians in Louisville

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Car hit pedestrians in downtown Louisville There was another news report of an incident in which a car hit pedestrians in Louisville.  This accident happened earlier this week near 2nd and Main in downtown.

The collision happened around 8:30am.  As the season changes, and with the recent time change, the sky is darker during the morning hours.  Downtown Louisville is always busy, but mornings are particularly hectic.  Both drivers and pedestrians need to be on alert.

The victims in this collision were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.  Hessig and Pohl has reported on several similar stories.  These cases can have tragic outcomes.  A potential lawsuit will never fully resolve the harm inflicted on the pedestrian, but it can help to ensure medical bills, rehabilitation and possible modifications to the person’s living quarters can be made.  In the case of long-term injuries, the court may award enough money to help the individual secure on-going medical treatment, including home-health and other necessary support.

If a car hit pedestrians, even at lower speeds, the force of the impact can cause incredible harm including broken bones, paralysis and in the worst scenarios, death.  Earlier this year, we posted some safety tips for crossing busy downtown streets.

Assuming you’re crossing at the intersection, you still need to be aware that morning traffic is full of distracted drivers.  People may be eating while driving.  Most people are talking on the phones.  Some individuals are texted or reading emails while driving.

Even if you have the right of way, you need to be aware that a distracted driver may not even notice that the light changed.  Don’t assume others are as alert as you are.

At Hessig and Pohl, we have a team of experienced accident attorneys.  We handle cases in Louisville and throughout the state.  One of our partners, Rick Hessig, is a former private investigator.  We know how to gather the right evidence so we have a full understanding of the facts.  Our diligence in this area enables us to present a case that’s ready to go to court, or strong enough to force the insurance companies to offer fair settlements.

We’ve handled cases where a car hit pedestrians.  If you’re involved in this type of case, you need experience on your side.

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