What You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation in Kentucky

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Every worker in Kentucky should know about workers’ compensation. Frequently, important information regarding workers’ compensation is not communicated to workers for a variety of reasons.

At Hessig & Pohl, we see a lot of situations where companies refuse to provide injured workers with the workers’ compensation insurance carrier notice.

Reporting the injury is important and under state law an injured worker must provide due and timely notice and if such notice is not provided then the injured worker could not be allowed to recover compensation.

At Hessig & Pohl, we hear from many injured workers who say their employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. However, Kentucky law mandates that every business with one employee or more must provide workers’ compensation insurance. This is applicable for employers with part-time or full-time workers.

It should be noted that in the rare event that an employer does not have workers’ compensation, if you are injured at work you can still pursue the same wage and medical benefits you would otherwise be entitled to by filing a claim to the Uninsured Employer’s Fund (UEF).

Often we are asked by injured workers if they can their coworkers for their injuries. Typically, you cannot sue someone for your injuries. This is because the workers’ compensation system is the exclusive remedy, meaning if you get injured at work while doing your job as designated, you are entitled to guaranteed medical and wage benefits. The one exception to this rule is if you were injured by a third-party who may be held liable for your on-the-job injuries. If that is the case, then you would have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim as well as a civil claim for the negligence of the third-party.

The workers’ compensation process can be quite complex and complicated. Hessig & Pohl are highly experienced workers’ compensation attorneys who know how to handle injury claims. They make sure you get fair and equitable damages for your injuries. They do not quit until they get justice. Call them today for your free consultation at (502) 777-1111.

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