Should I file a police report for a dog bite?

Should I file a police report for a dog bite?

The first things you need to do is to call your local animal control agency and then, if the bite is serious, call the police. A police call provides an official report.

Approximately 350,000 people visit the ER every year due to a dog bit. Another 850,000 go for medical care to places other than the ER.

Reporting a dog bite incident also provides legal documentation, which you are going to need if you file a lawsuit and/or an insurance claim. Filing a report helps get the records about the dog’s history, vaccination information and the dog’s owner. The animal control agency may be a division of the local police department, a county health department, the humane society or another entity.

The other reason for reporting the dog bite is that it allows local authorities to enforce local and state dog bite laws. It may turn out that the dog is dangerous, and the owner may be mandated to have special insurance or take special care to protect others from the dog. Filing a report also help to protect others from being attacked. The owner may be fined and may face criminal consequences if he or she does not comply with the law.

It may also turn out that by filing a report and having it investigated, the animal was abused or neglected, and the report helped the dog find a better home.

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