Why can’t I handle my own car accident claim?

Why can’t I handle my own car accident claim?

While you can certainly attempt to handle your own accident claim, be aware that you are running the risk of losing the compensation you truly deserve. Most accident victims do not know how to deal with rapacious insurance companies whose only goal is to settle for as little as possible.

Often it turns out that the insurance company offers thousands of dollars less than what you may be entitled to if experienced legal counsel represented you. Insurance companies have a well-worn routine to get you to talk about the accident and what your thoughts are about it. If you say anything that could be controversial, such as, “It may have been partially my fault, I don’t know,” that is used against you to reduce or even dismiss your personal injury claim.

If you have been involved in a car accident and were injured, the best thing to do is to reach out and discuss your situation with a Kentucky car accident attorney who can evaluate your case, outline what your legal rights are, explain how a lawsuit could be filed, how long it may take, what damages you may be eligible to seek and the possible outcome.

If you handle your own car accident case, you could miss important deadlines or sign the wrong documents that end your ability to file an accident claim. You could end up signing a document of settlement with the insurance company that is thousands less than your injuries could garner via a court case or negotiated settlement with the assistance of an attorney. Think twice before attempting to represent yourself in a complex area of the law.

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Marty fought for me when the insurance company denied my claim. We sued and got the insurance limits.


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