Why do I need an attorney after my car accident?

Why do I need an attorney after my car accident?

Hiring a personal injury attorney after you have been injured in a car accident should be one of the first things you do after seeking medical attention. They will help you get full compensation for injuries and damages sustained in the accident, typically much more than if you did everything yourself.

Besides just more money, an attorney means less stress too. They will be able to navigate the process of filing a claim and dealing with insurance companies for you, avoiding minor mistakes that are easy to make and difficult to overcome. An attorney’s professional knowledge of the law and procedure is an invaluable asset.

Insurance companies immediately and aggressively start working against you after you have had an accident and have ample resources to do so. Hiring an attorney helps level the playing field. In such a demanding time as this, when you have been injured and suddenly have a ton of unforeseen things to do, it is important to have someone on your side.

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Marty fought for me when the insurance company denied my claim. We sued and got the insurance limits.


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